For all of your tattoo needs, let us exceed your expectations!


     With over 20 years of experience tattooing along with extensive training, we are happy to be here to help with your wants and needs. Tried and True Tattoo is here to give everyone that comes in the best experience while getting quality work done. We always look forward to seeing new faces and answering your questions. Our goal is to make our clients feel welcome, educated, and give them an outstanding tattoo in a very safe, sterile, and professional environment. With our studio now being 100% disposable, we have no doubts that you will have a great experience, and want to put any worries at ease! We have acquired the most perfect staff aboard this ship to give the best southern hospitality to all of our guests, and transfer the best work to your skin and body. So give us a call, come on in, and let us transform your ideas into reality. Never settle for less. You are worth great work! 

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